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Who we are

We are one of the best specialized companies of kitchens &equipments supplier for Hotels , resorts ,hospitals, clubs ,restaurants ,coffee shops, cafeterias , ice cream shops ,dairy shops ,super and Hyper Markets and touristic places . We also have after sales service (maintenance & original spare parts)

We obtain a well Known Italian Agencies which are :

1.DanesiCaffe` the Real Italian Taste from 1905`.
2.KimottoCaffe` Local American & espresso Coffee & Turkish coffee.
3.DeRoccis for American & espresso Coffee.
4.AnticoEremo for juice and chocolate powders.
5.SANREMO Express Coffee Machines
6.NERO NOBILE ExpressCoffee Capsules Machine .
7.Ugolini for juice dispensers and hot chocolate machines .
8.VAMA Hand & Hairs dryer lines.
9.KASTEL Ice makers Ice Tenders Compact (Ful Ice – Spray System)& (Granular Ice – Screw System).
10.ARISTARCO for dishwashers & bar equipments
11.MEC Refrigerators, potatoes peelers, meat slicers & vegetables preparation
12.MilanToast For hight quality and best performance of Toasters.
13. GARBIN Convection Ovens
14.RestoItalia for dough , mixers, vegetables formation machines and pizza ovens
15.RENZACCI producer of innovated dry clean machinery
16.GAM INTERNATIONAL vegetable preparation machines
17.FIORINI FORNI supplier of rotor ovens for bakeries & pastry shops
18.SCAIOLA for refrigerators displays & show cases`
19.SOGET Supplier for big communities' kitchens and hot lines equipments.
(Local productions)
- Kimo Steel Form Local Stainless Steel Products - After sales service (maintenance and original spare parts)

Mr. Ayman Attia

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Dr. Eng.Kamal tamer Ibrahim

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Selvana AbdElnour

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